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Adding Security To A Cherished Piece


When you have a truly cherished piece of jewelry, you want to know it will always be intact and secure. Let’s talk about how prong retipping helps keep your gemstones more secure in their settings so that future generations get the opportunity to cherish the special piece of jewelry.


Setting Type


There are a variety of settings for gemstones, but none are as popular as the prong setting. Using metal pieces coming up on the sides of the stone, these pieces hold the gemstone in place by acting like a clamp on the very edges of the stone. A solitaire engagement diamond is an excellent example of a prong setting. If your gem appears to be surrounded by a band of metal, you have a bezel style or channel style setting which involves a different type of repair.


What Is Retipping?


When your setting begins to flatten out or bend, retipping is necessary. Our jewelers use a process that puts a new tip on the prong to securely hold your gemstones and prolong the life of your precious ring. Because of high torch temperatures used in the traditional soldering techniques we use our laser welding technique exclusively.


There are a few things to be aware of, though. A replacement tip is never as strong as the original cast prong because you have now added a joint. For this reason, you’ll need to keep a closer eye on that special piece. It’s a good idea to have a retipped setting checked regularly by a jewelry professional every six months or if you are concerned that it is loosening up.

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