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Refresh Your Jewelry


Over time, especially if worn daily jewelry become dull, scratched, dinged and can have bent links.


Frequently, old bracelet watch bands lose tension as the springs that keep the band tight wear out. The expert craftsmen at our jewelry service department can replace the worn springs so that your bracelet watch band fits snugly and works as if it were new. Heirlooms that have sentimental or high value are excellent candidates for refurbishing.


Clasps are another area where age causes looseness. If your watch bracelet clasp is loose, the experts in our service department can tighten them. Sometimes, clasps are difficult to open and close if they are small. We can help.


Because watches are often hitting objects and surfaces the links become bent. We can straighten bent links. Gouged and bent links are repaired or replaced.


We polish out scratches and other surface imperfections so that your jewelry has the same shine and luster as when originally manufactured.


The investment is refurbishing your jewelry cost a fraction of the price of a replacement. 


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