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Today, the most popular way for setting a stone (attaching it) to a jewelry piece is by using prongs. But, it is not the only way. At one time bezel settings where the metal completely surrounds the stone were extremely popular, but modern fashion and metal working techniques have made the prong setting the fashionable and functional choice of most jewelry designs.


If you notice you have a loose stone, bring it to us. Professional jewelers make sure your stone is properly reset to keep your jewelry safe and wearable for years to come.


Rings are the most common jewelry pieces to need stone tightening because rings tend to get knocked into objects and eventually settings loosen. Prong style settings are more likely to need repair than bezel settings because prongs are more delicate and are easier to bend or spread resulting in a loose stone.


As as independent retail jeweler we keep a modern repair facility on premise staffed by experienced craftsman. Prices are very affordable and stone tightening is usually done while you wait.


Even if your setting is not one of ours we are happy to repair it. Do not take gamble with your jewelry, tighten loose stones without delay so you do not lose it.

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